31 Days Blog Challenge

 I really haven’t been doing very well as a blogger.  In case you happened to notice that my last post was WAAYYYY  back in January, let me assure you that I’m still here!  Basically, I just haven’t been able to get into the routine and rhythm of being a blogger, although I’d still like to post a lot more on some of my favorite topics such as managing your paper, going paperless, using personal financial software and smartphone apps, personal productivity and time management, to name just a few.

To that end, I’ve joined the “31 Days Blog Challenge,” a group led by Lizbeth Tanz and Michelle Shaeffer.  I’m hoping that this will give me the kickstart I need to blog more regularly.  So we’ll see how it goes!  If you’d like to follow my progress, please go to the “subscribe” section in the sidebar and sign up to either receive RSS feeds through a reader or an email subscription.

Thanks, and please wish me luck… I’m going to need it!

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