My name is Trudy Schenk, owner of Your Organized World. Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve always been the organized type… the kid who’s room was as neat as a pin. Creating a serene and orderly environment has always been my passion!

My educational background is in Accounting and Tax. For ten years I worked at a large technology company as an accountant, financial analyst, corporate and expatriate tax analyst. In 1993 I left to start a small individual tax practice, which I have continued to the present day.

Along the way, my husband and I started a family and I discovered the challenges of raising children and managing a busy household! I understand how it is to be pulled in many directions at once, and how difficult it can be to get (and keep) life under control.

Over the years I’ve gained a reputation as the one who organizes and accounts for just about everything. I’m the “go to” person for family finances, paperwork, phone numbers, photos, family history and much more. In my daughter’s Girl Scout troop I’ve always been the parent who handled the paperwork and tracked our cookie sales. Even my scrapbooking friends tease me about how organized my supplies are!

My experience as a homemaker, parent, school and church volunteer, scrapbooking enthusiast, Girl Scout leader, employee and small business owner have given me many opportunities to practice my skills organizing paper, space and time. Let me use that experience to help you today!