The “Less Paper” Challenge-Week 3

Here’s a quick update on my “Less Paper” Challenge.  About a month ago, I set some goals that have to do with reducing the amount of paper in my home, and I hoped that by issuing a public challenge to myself to accomplish some specific tasks, they might actually get done! In weeks 1 and [...]

Clear Your Inbox in 15 Minutes

Previously I’ve written about why it’s important to have a designated space in your home to gather all of your paperwork so it’s not floating all over the place.  I’ve also suggested that you should create an inbox somewhere in that designated area that can be used to corral all incoming mail, receipts, and other [...]

The “Less Paper” Challenge-Week 2

If you’ve been following along for the past couple of weeks with my Less Paper Challenge, you’ll know that I’ve set some goals for myself that have to do with reducing the amount of paper in my home.  You see, projects like this just never seem to rise to the top of the priority list, [...]

Paper Shredders- You Get What You Pay For!

One of the items mentioned in my post 10 Steps to Organizing Your Paperwork was to get a good home paper shredder and use it.  With the rise of identity theft, shredding your sensitive documents—those containing your social security number, account numbers, birthdate, and even your address—is a must.  But should you just go out [...]

The “Less Paper” Challenge – Week 1

Last week in my post The “Less Paper” Challenge I talked about the goal of having “less paper” and how hard it can be to achieve this in practice.  With me (and I’m guessing, most of you) the task of reducing paper just doesn’t rise to the top of the priority list!  So I decided [...]

The “Less Paper” Challenge

File cabinets bursting at the seams? Lots of excess paper lying around your home? Join me in the “less paper” challenge… Two weeks ago I wrote about whether going paperless was really a possibility, why it’s something that I want to strive for, and my particular challenges in doing so.  (See Paperless Home Office- Dream [...]

How to Reduce Incoming Paper

One of the steps I mentioned in my post “10 Steps to Organizing Your Paperwork” was to reduce paper coming into your home.  After all, paper that doesn’t exist won’t lead to more clutter! One obvious way to reduce the paper coming in is to sign up for online bills and statements.  Many people that [...]

Paperless Home Office – Dream or Reality?

I’ll admit that I have a certain fascination with the idea of going paperless. In fact, I’ve written about it before.  In a previous post, Going Paperless – 15 Tips to Help You Get There, I discussed some of the benefits of going paperless and gave some simple strategies to use less paper.  While I [...]

Create a Productive Home Office Space

In my last post, “10 Steps to Organizing Your Paperwork,” the first item I mentioned was gathering all of your paperwork into one place.  The reason for putting this step first is that occasionally I’ve gone into someone’s home to find paper everywhere… on the kitchen counters, the kitchen table, in the living room, in a [...]

10 Steps to Organizing Your Paperwork

As a Professional Organizer, I’m often contacted by folks who feel that their paperwork is out of control.  Bills, statements, receipts, tax stuff, kids school papers, coupons, reminders of upcoming events, magazines & newspapers… the list goes on and on and it can be awfully hard to keep track of everything!  Nearly everyone is busy [...]