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Last month I talked about managing your action items by keeping track of them using a planner and/or calendar system.  This month I’d like to focus a little more on the kinds of things you should (or should not) put on your calendar, as well as the various types of calendars that are available.

First of all, a calendar is meant for time-based events. It’s not the place to keep your general “to do” list.  One exception to this rule would be the scheduling of a specific task you want to accomplish. By placing it on your calendar, you’re making it a time-based event, which hopefully will make you more likely to accomplish it!

Calendars come in a bewildering number of formats.  First, you’ll need to decide whether you want a digital or a paper calendar.  Which one of these works for you will depend on how “tech savvy” you are, whether you need to share the calendar with others, and maybe even how legible your handwriting is!

If you want to go digital, there are three major formats:

  • Online Based Calendars are offered by many different companies and may be free or subscription based. This is a great option if you want to share the calendar and all members of your family have access to the internet. If you’re interested, check out this list of popular online calendars on, which include Google Calendar, Family Time Planner, Cozi Central, Yahoo Calendar, 30 Boxes and several others.
  • Computer Based Calendars are programs that are loaded directly onto your computer. These would include the popular Microsoft Outlook, and the less well-known software I’ve used for many years– “Remind-Me” from Beiley Software.
  • PDA Based Calendars combine the benefits of other digital calendars, but add the feature of portability using your smartphone or other mobile devices.

Of course, you may well be one of those people who still likes their “old fashioned” paper calendar.  After all, what could be simpler?  If you want to stick with paper, you’ll need to choose between:

  • Personal Planners designed for one person, which can be found in many formats and sizes, some quite portable and some not so much.
  • Wall or Family Calendars designed to be hung in a centrally located area for the whole family to view. A great option for families with young children, although certainly less portable than personal calendars.

Ultimately, your choice of calendar is going to depend on factors such as your lifestyle, whether you spend time in multiple locations, have a family, need to share it with others, or need your calendar with you at all times.  It may even come down to basic personal preference.  There are never any wrong answers!


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