The “Less Paper” Challenge-Week 2

If you’ve been following along for the past couple of weeks with my Less Paper Challenge, you’ll know that I’ve set some goals for myself that have to do with reducing the amount of paper in my home.  You see, projects like this just never seem to rise to the top of the priority list, and I figured that issuing a public challenge to myself (and others) to accomplish specific tasks in this area might result in actually getting them done!

To recap, in week 1, my goal was to make enough space in a certain filing cabinet for files that wouldn’t fit in the drawers.  That accomplished, I moved on to the next week’s goal:

Week 2:  Clear even more from the same two-drawer file cabinet so that there is extra space (at least one third of a drawer) that can be used for future files.

Now this wasn’t rocket science, it was just something kind of boring that needed to get done.  And it did get done!  I’d say that I spent another 3-4 hours reviewing, scanning, purging, and shredding.  In the process, my file drawers went from this:

To this:

File Drawer with Extra Space


Generating another pile of papers like this:   

 I made quick work of the scanning with my , and then shredded the purged paper with my .  (It really, really helps to have the right tools for the job!)  Click here to read why I believe that you get what you pay for with scanners.

With this problem filing cabinet tamed, I’m now on to the next goal, which is:

Week 3:  Purge my personal files to eliminate approximately one third of the paper stored there.  Many of the documents in these files aren’t important enough to be scanned, and can instead be just recycled or shredded.

This week’s goal is a little different, in that these files are contained in four file drawers rather than just two.  While the contents are primarily household, medical and financial files, I know that there may be some things lurking in there that I’m keeping for purely sentimental purposes.  That’s where it may get hard.  To help with a project like this, it can be helpful to review a set of guidelines like this one from

What are you doing to reduce the amount of paper in your home of office?  If you’re tackling a similar type of project, please share.

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