The Benefits of Getting Organized

Are you ready to get organized but stalling because of a lack of time, money, or motivation? Don’t despair! A professional organizer is just what you need! Make an investment in yourself that will provide amazing advantages for years to come. Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to once you get [...]

Clutter is basically the result of two things: 1) Delayed Decisions and 2) Delayed Actions.  It accumulates because we postpone the decision as to where something really belongs, whether we should keep it, who we should give it to, etc.   Or we may know what to do with our belongings– but don’t have time, don’t [...]

Everyone knows that we need to establish routines for new babies and small children, but what about for adults?  Can routines help us too? A routine is a habit of doing something in a particular order. Establishing routines can help you corral those necessary, but “not so interesting” daily, weekly or monthly tasks into their [...]

Eco-Organizing Made Easy

  It’s easy being green! Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is not only trendy, but it’s the right thing to do! So why not incorporate some green practices into your organizing? You can keep it low-key by following some of the easy eco tips listed below, or you can go all the way and declare yourself [...]

  It’s always a challenge to stay on top of all the things we need or want to do.  Believe me, it’s even hard for us “organized types!” But there are a few things you can do that will help you to stay sane.  Here’s my “top 10″ list of ways to stay organized:   [...]